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It takes an expert eye to source the right illustration, create brand identity, and see your project’s big picture. Let's get started!



With three new pricing options available—The Steal, The Deal, and The Works—there is a beautiful option for every budget.



All great projects have an element of magic in them. Have you found yours? Come put my outstanding track record to the test!


Every design project is an exciting, new adventure!

Here are some things we can count on right from the start:

1. Every project begins with a lively conversation that continues for the duration.
2. With a firm plan in hand, we can do anything. Let’s make a plan.
3. Contracts are our friends! Once details are established and expectations made clear, let’s sign a contract.
4. FaceTime, Skype, and iChat can bridge our worlds in spectacular ways.
5. It takes a team to make something great! No designer should be an island.
6. I will not rest until you are happy. (My perfectionism is your greatest ally.)
7. A file is only as good as the printer’s ability to print it without error. (I stand by all of my work.)
8. Follow-up, accountability, organization: You can count on these.
9. At a project’s completion, there will be a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Guaranteed.







A cover design plan for every budget.


    • Best for: self-publishers
    • 2 comps
    • 1 revision
    • minimal photo retouching


    • Best for: small publishers
    • 4 comps
    • 2 revisions
    • moderate photo retouching


    • Best for: large publishers
    • unlimited comps
    • unlimited revisions
    • custom photo retouching

This table describes plans for COVER DESIGN, either e-book or print, with one simple goal: to take all of the financial mystery out of the process. While it's true that a bigger budget generally means a more elaborate design is likely, some of the most effective and memorable covers on the market could have been done on a limited budget. It all comes down to the experience of the designer and suitability for the book.

Definitions: A comp is a design "sketch," a composite of elements that conveys a cover design as clearly as possible before committing to an image and layout choice. Revisions refer to the modifications made to the design after the comp is chosen.

Similar three-tiered plans are available for JACKETS, NOVEL INTERIORS, and PICTURE BOOKS. Due to their variety and potential intricacy, those plan details would be provided to you after discussion of your project.

Click for individual plan details:

The Steal
$400 / Includes: Two original cover comps that each use one stock image of your choice before finalizing your preference. Minimal retouching = one color shift or effect. (Stock image cost additional.)

The Deal
$750 / Includes: Up to four original cover comps that each use the stock imagery of your choice before finalizing your cover preference. Moderate retouching = integration of up to three images to suit your desired cover composition. (Stock image costs additional.)

The Works
$1200 / Includes: Unlimited original cover comps that each use stock imagery or original art of your choice. Custom retouching = seamless image integration and hand work for a truly original final image. (Stock image costs additional.)

SPECIAL NOTE:  If your project is the first cover in a NOVEL SERIES, subsequent cover prices would be half off the original cover price. Wow!


For those special projects.

Perhaps you have a project needing art direction
(or you don't see a design price listing for what you have in mind)—
not to worry! Custom requests are warmly welcomed.

Please introduce yourself. Let's talk!

"The advance reader's copy of the program was well worth the investment … So far, every jaw has dropped when seeing it. Congratulations—your work is spectacular. Designers no longer take a back seat! Grateful, grateful, grateful."

Kristan Kostur, president and publisher, Proudtree Empowered Learning

"Thanks so much for your terrific work. The covers look GREAT."

Randi Reisfeld, co-author of the T*Witches novel series

"Cheers and thanks so much for your expert help and design capabilities and positive spirit on the project."

Susan Palmer Marshall, editor, Magic, Inc.

"Thanks again for your tremendous work—you can bet I'll be adding glowing reports to your name and contact info on our agency's 'vetted designer' list, so here's hoping you have plenty of room in your schedule for new projects." 

Jennifer Mattson, agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

"I can’t thank you enough for your excellent insights on how to pace and nudge the illustrations. JUST what I needed. Thank you."

Claudia Carlson, author-illustrator

"I agree with David [Saperstein, author]: Great job!"

Micky Hyman, publisher, Red Sky Presents

"Cool! I like it. Fresh."

Peter Danish, Danish Media Group


With over 25 years in trade children’s book publishing working alongside legends in the industry, Heather has found everything she ever longed for: time spent in flights of imagination, enlightened words, astonishing artwork, true camaraderie, and—quite simply—the loveliest people. Each project is its own world, a world she takes the utmost care to honor knowing full well the power of design in the overall experience. In every instance, in every project, the design matters.

  Since 2008, she has freelanced these same skills from her home studio and divides the rest of her time among commercial voiceover, reading, writing, gardening, home renovation, and travel to the city. It is her ambition to share what she knows and keep the beautiful books coming to bookstores, real and virtual, near you.










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